Friday, 7 March 2014

Upholstery Job For Hazel !

Hazel had this amazing antique chair that she wanted to bring back to life...

Once she & her hubby stripped it down to the stuffing,
they came to see me about her paint choices for the frame.
I asked them many questions like, 
how quick they wanted it done ? 
how much time they wanted to spend on it ?
what colour & look were they going for ?
based on her answers I showed them a beautiful spray paint by Rustoleum - Antique Nickle.
Once They finished the painting part,
Hazel came to see me about upholstering her chair. I asked her why she was not doing it ?
Hazel is quiet handy in her own right ! Not to mention hubby Chuck !
She wanted it finished faster than she had time for.
I accepted happily ! 
I love doing things like this !

The paint colour turned out lovely.
 Hazel did all of the nasty staple & nail removing.
The base was in very good shape, a little top-up on the filling and it would be beautiful.

Charles replaced the back board.

 Hazel had purchased a traditional fabric that not only worked with the chair's design
but pulled in her living room as well !
After measuring the areas t be covered, I cut the fabric in the same shape. Cutting the pieces in the same direction to avoid any difference in the sheen on the nap.

 I always cut off more than I need to be certain I have enough. Lay the piece over the area, keeping the pattern straight if there is one. Then I begin to staple. One staple on each side, in the center, to hold the piece in place. Pulling slightly, not to much, enough to be firm but not pulling on the staples. Then I work from the center staple to the corners.

I flipped the chair on its back to do the top so I could press down on the stapler.
Ryobi has come out with a new battery operated pneumatic stapler that I can't wait to get !

 I was really careful when stapling as I needed to trim the excess of fabric .
I tried to staple into almost the same spots as the previous covering.

I glued the antique gold braided trim around all the edges.
 I tried to staple it first but found it altered the beautiful finished look.

Nice clean finish with the glued trim.


It turned out Beautiful !!!
A matching pillow with the extra fabric, finished the look !

Thanks for dropping by !

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  1. This was originally Chuck's Mother's chair--she had two of them--we only have the one--she would roll over in her grave if she knew I painted it and took off the dreadful blue needlepoint--it had been relegated to a corner of the basement for years!