Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Divorce Chair !

Customer Testimonial...

Over 20 years ago, my husband and I bought a Muskoka chair to assemble.  Let me say, there were vast differences in how we approached the construction of this chair.  We bickered and fought all throughout it’s assembly.  At the end of this experience we nick named it the “divorce chair”.  It moved with us from our first house to the next one.

Over the course of time, it was worn and the paint was looking tired.  It needed a makeover.  Coincidentally we were going to the home show in Toronto and came upon the Bluestone House™ booth that sold paint for our project.  

I’m not a handy person, painting is foreign to me.  Always up for a challenge, I began.  The chair was slightly sanded.  I used the brush recommended to me by Pamela at Bluestone House™.  The paint was smooth, rich and showed no lines upon a single stroke application.  Perhaps it was the brush, which is made of natural bristle.  It made painting this chair quick and effortless.  The finished product was better than what we hoped for.  I called the paint excellent for the “painting for dummies”.  I would now look forward to “remaking” any piece of furniture knowing how easy and fast it was.
Looking back now at our “divorce chair” we can laugh, our nickname now for it is the “love seat”.  

Loraine Beraldo

The colour we chose, "Barn Door" in the Silky Patina !!!

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