Monday, 27 June 2016

Welcome Brampton !

 Welcome to "Stems" in Brampton !!!
Now an Official Fabulous Retailer of 
Bluestone House™ 


Drop by and say hello to Debbi ! 
Check out her adorable shop with some amazing pieces !
visit her facebook page to see all the marvelous things she does !

Funny Story ...
Debbi & I go way back. We met at the CHCH studio, back in the "CH@Home" days and have been friends since.
I have always admired her work.
She loves Bluestone House paints and has always sent customers my way. 
She called and said 
"why am I not carrying your paints in my shop  ?"

"I don't know - never dawned on me to ask" - lol !  

We both had a good laugh ! 

Thanks Debbi, now all my customers in Brampton have a local retailer !

Stems is at ...
25 Main Street N #B
Brampton, Ontario

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