Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Retailer Workshop!

To say we had a fantastic day would be the understatement of the week! Yesterday we held our first Retailer Workshop. We opened the doors of Bluestone House and welcomed in our retailers from all over Canada to give them a chance to learn more about our products and explore different painting techniques. Each of our lovely retailers also brought a piece to take from Ignored to Adored. We had all sorts of pieces, everything from fabric chairs to tiny chairs, and tables and chandeliers. It really allowed us to show the range of amazing pieces our Chalky Patinas can be used on.  

All the supplies set up, ready for our retailers to use and explore!

Greycliff was extra affectionate in front of all the lovely ladies!

Learning about Milk Paints
After introductions, we started in on the workshop. It was a great opportunity for the ladies to ask different questions and also to share experiences they’ve had with their customers and in their workshops. Once we covered our range of products and the amazing things you can do with them, it was time for the ladies to get started on their projects. It was wonderful to see everyone’s creativity shine through in such unique ways. Check out some of our before, during and after photos below:


Our Chalky Patinas can even paint fabric, make sure to dampen the fabric first though!

After yesterday’s workshop your local retailers are now experts on the wide range of uses of our Chalky Patina products and will be able to answer all your questions and provide you with support as you take your products from Ignored to Adored! Stay tuned for the video recap of the day. 

To find a retailer nearest you check our full listing below: 

Hamilton, Ontario
"Millionaire's Daughter" 272 Ottawa St. North - 905-543-8000
"Branch" 850 King St West

Oakville, Ontario
"Millionaire's Daughter" 427 Speers Road - 289-837-3800

Aurora, Ontario
"Millionaire's Daughter" 40 Engelhard Drive - 905-503-9400

Dundas, Ontario
"Graham & Brooks" 43 Cootes Drive - 289-238-8618

Burlington, Ontario
"Fresh Vintage"
"Glazey Dazey" 1010 Downsview Dr.

Kingston, Ontario
"Chartreuse Flower Works" 577 Division Street

Lindsay, Ontario
"Galaxy Picture Framing" 104 Kent St. West

London, Ontario
"Charmed I'm Sure" Hyde Park Market, 1331 Hyde Park Road

Ridgeway, Ontario 
"The Painted Porch" 3590 Garrison Road - 905-704-9862

Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario
"Creek Road Benjamin Moore" 1596 Four-Mile Creek Rd, Virgil 

Cambridge, Ontario
"Clover and Chrysalis" 14 Water St. North

Leamington, Ontario
"Finders to Keepers" 2201 Mersea Road 8 Wheatley, Ontario

Cottam, Ontario
"Dusty Diamond Decor" 125 Talbot Rd West

Beaverton, Ontario
"SmallMart" 342 Simcoe

Mississauga, Ontario
"Erin Mills Paint & Decor Center" 5636 Glen Erin Drive Unit 5 

Anyone interested in taking part in a workshop can register by emailing

Costs: The fee of $120 will include use of all the paint & tools needed. Lunch and refreshments are also included.

Size: 6-10 people per course.

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