Friday, 23 January 2015

Provence In Oakville !!!

Patina Brenda at the Oakville location of 

The Millionaire's Daughter !

A little "Paint Therapy" will go along way when you hook up with Patina Brenda !!!
Look at what she had done here with...
An old ignored piece ...
A little time ...
Bluestone Cottage Chalky Patina in Provence... 

 She chose to leave the top natural ! 
Lovely !


 Voila !!! 
It's certainly an ADORED piece now !!!

So easy & so fast - she had time to do two more chairs 
in Vintage Velvet 
to match her bench from last week !!! 
Fantastic job Patina !!!
Stay tuned for more inspiring ideas !!!

The next Demonstration/Visits at the stores are as follows:

February 4th - Aurora Millionaire's Daughter

February 11th - Hamilton Millionaire's Daughter

February 4th - Oakville Millionaire's Daughter

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