Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wonderful Day Of Chalky Furniture Painting !!!

Fantastic Day at Mohawk College !!!

Check out the transformations made by these 
lovely Patina ladies !!!
some are first-timers !

Jennifer did her wooden box in the signature colour "Bluestone"
Then added a two-tone stencil and distressed !
Great Job ! 

Lorna Took this old dresser from Ignored to Adored with "Driftwood" & "Vintage Velvet "
Awesome Job !
Stay tuned for Lorna's Big Announcement ! coming soon !!!

The Patina Ladies deep in meditation - lol  !!!
I mean painting - it's so relaxing !!!

Ursula made this old travel box come alive in 
"Vintage Velvet" then a little stenciling !
Viola ! It's Spectacular !!!

Inez decided to paint this lovely table.
She used a custom colour that I think will be going into the 
Spring 2015 line - as everyone loved it !
I will need a name for it - any ideas ?
The base is done in "Driftwood" 
Outstanding Job !

Lynn found these 2 bedside tables on Kijiji ! 
What she did to them makes looks like a HomeSense find !
Exceptional Job Lynn !

Elena made a statement piece by painting this table in 
"Vintage Velvet" then in our new red - (that also needs a name)
When she distressed the top she was careful to only 
take it back to the red in some places !
Great way to get that Modern Country Look ! 
Fabulous !

Kathy has made this "anywhere" table into something 
Magnificent ! 
She used "French Country" and "Vintage Velvet"  
Great Job !


Kathleen made these side tables exceptional ! She used 
"French Country" and a antique glaze that made them Extraordinary !
Very Nice !


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  1. It was a great day - met some great ladies, learned a LOT and brought home a very impressive (even if I do say so myself) project - first time I've used silky patina paint and it's fabulous....I have many more projects....;Thanks Pamela ! Jen