Thursday, 18 September 2014

We're starting to cocoon... Grab your supplies patinas!

Turning leaves and the appearance of pumpkin lattes mean that fall is just around the corner. We are pulling sweaters and shawls from the winter chest, and reaching more often then not for the blanket at the end of the couch. Let's face it patinas, we're all starting to cocoon.

In anticipation of the long and cold winter months, it's a great time to start thinking about and preparing for the DIY projects that will keep you occupied during those long winter storms - let's hope Mother Nature spares us from a winter like the last! 

Time to start collecting furniture that you can turn from ignored to adored! All you have to do is Google, "end of summer garage sale" in your area, and you'll find loads to choose from. So hit the bottle of red a little earlier this Friday evening, and set your Saturday alarm for 6AM to ensure you get to those garage sales before the pickings get slim. 

Regardless of the condition of the furniture pieces you find, look beyond the nicks and scratches, because there's nothing a quick sand and a coat of chalky or silky patina paint can't fix. And remember, bargaining is key patinas!  

Visit our website for all your painting needs, and get ready to paint your own kind of beautiful this fall and winter season! Be sure to contact us with any questions, and remember to send your before and after photos to :) 

At The Cottage we will be busy working on getting ready for the Creativ Show in Toronto from October 24 - 26, and a couple Christmas Shows to be announced. So stay tuned! 

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