Tuesday, 8 April 2014

WOOT WOOT !!! Official Launch of Bluestone House™ Silky Patina furniture Paint!

Let me start with  

WOW !!! 

My first show was a huge Success! And loads fun! 

What could be a better combination than that?

You will never believe who popped in to buy some paint ...

Continue reading to find out who !

I did my first ever Bluestone Cottage booth at the Southern Ontario Spring Women’s Show at the Careport Center in Hamilton this past weekend to launch my new  
Bluestone Cottage Silky Patina Furniture Paint

The response was fabulous, and I met hundreds of super people, 
 from those attending the show as well as other vendors. 

This lovely lady bought some paint and went home and painted her dining room table.
 She  then came back to buy more colours !!!
 I displayed furniture and other home décor that I had re-finished, along with the paint, my terrific new "Chalk-Pro" brushes, 

amazing vintage-style drawer pulls, and a few other beautiful miscellaneous décor items. It took my girlfriend, my hubby and me a long time to set up and decorate the booth just right, and it was worth it.
The filled truck   - took a few trips !    The empty booth !

 My friend Beverly and my Hubby !!!

 Huge thank you to my friend Lorrie that helped me all weekend !
and to Lisa !!! for taking pic that you will see on my "Etsy shop" later this month.


 So many people raved about how it looked. 
Matt Hayes, the CHCH meteorologist, even did a weather report from inside my booth, and said (on camera!) that it was unofficially the best booth there! 

 Evan Linda Lundstrom – the Famous Canadian fashion designer – popped in to get some paint for her furniture reno projects at her cottage !!! 

 So my first time participating in this kind of show was a blast !!! 
I am so excited about upcoming shows - See my on-line calendar for upcoming shows, events & demos ! 
Thanks to everyone who came to my booth, 
good luck with your furniture, 
Send me pics & I’ll post them on my blog to inspire others !!! 
Happy Painting !!!


  1. You're a dynamo, Pam! Congratulations on the paint launch and on your success at the show.
    Your story is so inspiring ;-)

  2. Fantastic paint, great coverage, you are only limited by your imagination........Go create and paint!!!

  3. Awww...that is absolutely fantastic, Pam! Well done! Your booth was perfect...lovely, inviting, interesting. Cheers to a long, continuing success!

  4. Awwww....that is absolutely fantastic, Pam! The booth was beautiful, interesting, inviting...and a perfect backdrop for your amazing talent. Cheers to a long, successful launch!

  5. I'm so glad you had a successful show Pam! All the best and I hope we have you back next year :)

  6. I attended one of your library seminars, and have to say it was fun. Love your products and can't wait to be able to buy them. Your enthusiasm towards repurposing furniture is awesome!!!

  7. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Your booths always look spectacular!!! Looking forward to great things in 2016!