Friday, 7 February 2014

Your "French Country Silky Patina Paint" search is over !

 Have you been searching for the right
 French Country Patina for your furniture ?

Are you tired of paint that peels, fades, washes off, doesn't stick, needs repeated coats, doesn't have the colour you want or 
just doesn't do what you want it to?

Well  look no further !
"Bluestone Cottage® Silky Patina Paint "
is on it's way !!!

It's been in the works for a while and will soon be 
available to the public !

 Bluestone Cottage® Inc. 
"Silky Patina Paint "
is on it's way !
Stay tuned 

Spread the news and re-post, 
Please !

Distributors and Retailers please contact me at


  1. cant wait, where and when?

  2. Please see the "Events & Calendars" section !
    and thanks for popping in : )