Thursday, 15 February 2018

Collingwood Home Hardware & Bluestone House™

Sign Painting / Making Workshop

A great time was had by all ! I believe the pictures say it all !
This is Tracey ! Your Collingwood Home Hardware owner !
Yes, that's right, I said owner !
That's one of the most wonderful things about this fabulous Canadian chain, 
you can ask for & meet the owner. We had such a great day !

 All the supplies - ready for set-up !
This is Judy ! She had these wonderful work tables set-up when we got there ! 
Great Idea !!!
4' x 8' piece of plywood over horses ! Luv it !!!
You'll find this creative gal in the paint department !

 This is Sherri ! Who helped arrange this fabulous day !
Another Creative & knowledgeable lady from the paint department.
That's me below - all set for our workshop.
 Over 23 Fabulous women showed up for this workshop, 
and did I mention, 
 We began our workshop with a hands-on tutorial, including...
  • Chalk Painting
  • Milk Painting
  • Waxing
  • Brushes
  • Antique Waxing
  • Glazing
  • Crackle
  • We even did a demo on how to paint kitchen cabinets !

Our wood cut-outs are from a friend of mine ! 
Another Fabulous Canadian Company !
Magopage Creative !

 Beautiful beachy look using Bluestone colours, Boathouse, 
Crushed sage & French Country.

 Out of all these projects - no two were alike. 
All were uniquely beautiful !!!
Some had a beachy look while others a rustic and some modern too!

 Judy is supervising ! lol !

 Sherri got in on the action !

 Our beautiful display at the Collingwood Home Hardware !
What you see hanging in the lovely burlap bags is our line of
Bluestone House™ Milk Paint ,
that comes in 20 delightful colours !

Once everyone was happy with their project, the pieces were nailed together.

 Amazing Results !!!
 Here is our first "Bluestone House Truck Spotting" 
winner of the day !
see our facebook page for details...

 Here is our second "Bluestone House Truck Spotting" 
winner of the day !
see our facebook page for details...
If you have a Home Hardware near you that does not have our, wonderful Bluestone House™ Chalky Patina Furniture Paint, line yet - please inquire with them : )

Currently, You will find our line at ...

Appleby Home Hardware
Alliston Home Hardware
Collingwood Home Hardware
Fennell & Gage Home Hardware - Hamilton
Gananoque Home Hardware
Maple Grove Home Hardware - Oakville
Milton Home Hardware
Orillia Home Hardware
Westcliffe Home Hardware - Hamilton

Baich & Sons Home Hardware - Rocky Mountain House

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Happy Painting !!!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Bluestone House™ Chalky Patina on a Brick Wall!!

Our Chalky Patina can be used on just about anything! 
With that being said lets take a look at this next project from one of our Patina's! 

This brick wall was all over this small kitchen. When our Patina was renovating this project she knew this one wall needed to stay, and become a "feature wall".
However it needed Bluestone House™ love to rescue it.

Check out this total transformation. 

The first step...

Choosing the right colours!
the entire wall was painted in one of our most loveliest colours, "Driftwood" !!

let the transformation begin!!!

look at the change already! 

almost done with the lovely Driftwood...

Using our beautiful round brushes allows for you to get into the corners, grooves and indentations with ease.

New floors
for a New brick
wall !
Second step...

Now for the second step, she added Bluestone's signature colour "Bluestone".
Each individual brick had a random stroke of "Bluestone" added to add a little more colour and depth.

Take a look at the beautiful detail!

What a beauty!

Taking a look at it, she knew something else was needed. It was missing the finishing touches so along came a great and final step. 

Third and final step...

"French Country", was the missing piece!
just like the colour "Bluestone", "French Country" was added, randomly to each individual brick. This not only adds depth and character, but also lightens it up.
Process was the same using our fabulous round brush!
Topcoat was not required, as the chalky finish added a realistic brick look & feel.

look at the detail!

get caught in action!


And done! 

Fantastic job !!!
Totally thrilled with the outcome !!! 

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Happy Painting Everyone!!